I’m a white, southern and Christian.

I am also disappointed in those who claim to love Jesus & refuse to do what Jesus would do. It’s cowardly.

If you have never spoken up for injustice, or you downright agree with the status quo, you are wrong.

I have watched white churchmen stand on the sideline and mouth pious irrelevancies and sanctimonious trivialities.-MLK

I realize people don’t like to be told they’re wrong & I don’t like telling people they’re wrong.

Some are silent. Silent because you’ve been silent & you’re embarrassed about your awakening. Do not be embarrassed. Just as…

In life, married life, dating life, work life, life with friends….are you unhappy and being treated in ways that upset you or you’re uncomfortable with???
We can all say we’ve been in relationships like this at some point. You may be struggling in one of those areas or many of them. This may be a pattern or something you’ve allowed to creep into your life.

My message comes from the perspective I gained being in the pits of despair in a relationship and now living a peaceful and joyful life. I’m not an expert on relationships. In fact, people would…

Because I love to learn, and I’m a writer, I gave myself a challenge. I asked my Facebook friends to provide me with a topic, and I would study it, and by the next week, I would write about what I’ve learned. Since I have friends who have a lot of faith in me, I was given things like stocks, Singapore’s culture, among other medical diagnoses and ideas. My boyfriend gave me Bipolar Mood Disorder. So, of course, I’m going with that one first for several reasons. First, he’s my boyfriend. B) I know next to nothing about the disorder…

Charlotte Bridgwood was a performer and inventor. She patented the first electrically powered windshield wiper in 1917, improving previous manually-operated wipers patented by Mary Anderson in 1905.
In 1917, Charlotte received a patent for the first automatic windshield cleaner.
Charlotte is the mother of Florence Lawrence.
Florence Lawrence is known as “the first movie star.” She appeared in almost 300 films throughout her career. Besides her film career, Lawrence is credited with designing the first “auto signaling arm,” which we have come to know as the turn signal and the first mechanical brake signal. …

March is National Women’s History Month! I’ll be featuring women all month long. If you’re a woman in business in the Arkansas Oklahoma River Valley, and you’re interested in being highlighted, please click this link: https://bit.ly/3ah96nO
I’m excited about featuring female leaders in our community!

As a woman in automotive & a huge advocate for female leadership, I’m excited about the first woman I’m featuring, Mary Barra. Ms. Barra is not only an amazing female leader in a male-dominated industry; her leadership style is feminine and powerful. Mary Barra is the CEO of General Motors. General Motors was the first…

I think it’s fair to say, 2020 seems to have been a year of struggle. The mental struggle of facing a quieter, less busy lifestyle was no small feat for those more extroverted among us. The emotional battle for those taking care of sick family members or who have lost loved ones. The pressure at work to keep the ship afloat during the most uncertain times we have faced in our lifetime. The stress of worrying if we will have a job or if we will be able to pay our bills from month to month. The helplessness of job…

2021 is a year for crushing goals! We’re calling it now and reminding you when you forget. Whether you’re quitting smoking, sticking to a diet, or you’re determined to buy a new home this year, it’s the small decisions that lead to big goals.
One thing you can work on that will pay off BIG is your credit score. Every day people are throwing away money over their credit score. I’ve been house shopping for a while now and being the nerd I am, I have done a lot of research. We all know having a better score will help us…

Catherine Creekmore

Christian, wife, mother, mimi. Lover of music & vacations. social media director. researcher, analytics junky, creative. I Love Arkansas. I'm doing my best.

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